Weathering the Weather

While this weekend was picture perfect, we have had our share of storms enough to offer some solid indoor training.  This is what we did on those rainy days:

Over the past two weeks we’ve been absolutely blessed with two days of nasty thunderstorms: rain, lightning, hail, etc.  One was a Saturday morning, the other was a Tuesday morning.  Both afforded the opportunity to make it to the gym as soon as they opened and make a beeline for the stepmills.  Never been on one, don’t know what it is??!!  You’re in for a treat. (Thanks, Shan, for the long ago intro!)

The Saturday morning saw the Mrs. and me knocking out a 45 minute stepmill session (Mer 50min), followed by 2 miles of brisk running on the treadmills, another 45 minute stepmill session (Mer an hour), and a final 2 miles on the treadmill.  Four bottles of water later, we made it home for lunch!

The Tuesday morning saw my workout being wisely postponed due to lightning, so again I hit the stepmill for 45 minutes followed by 2 x 2 miles on the treadmill.  Good, solid work.

Then. finally, I got to run outside and it was glorious.  All of it done even before the sun came up.  Coffee and breakfast at Whole Foods, and then a return to the gym for some stretching, strength work, and a quick session in the sauna before heading to work…

This was a great reminder of: “No Excuses.  Do The Work!”

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5 Responses to Weathering the Weather

  1. Olga King says:

    Stepmill is my choice for injury rehab and to hill train in Austin. I’ve known it longer than I’ve known running…at least as a way to race and love:)

  2. pittbrownie says:

    You have to get used to thunderstorms! You’ll see them at Leadville and Wasatch.

  3. Moogy says:

    I can’t wait to read more about your journey. 8)
    My “hill” treadmill workout this morning was:
    10 min w/u
    1 mile at 2%
    1 mile at 5%
    1/2 mile at 2%
    1/2 mile at 8%
    1/2 mile at 2%
    1 mile at 5%
    1/2 mile at 2%
    1/2 mile at 8%
    1/2 mile at 2%
    10 min c/d

    How does that sound? Suggestions?
    Cheers Paul.

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