Running for a Friend

Tears flowed last week, when I learned that my good friend and business-school classmate Greg here in Austin was suddenly diagnosed with spine and brain cancer, aggressive enough to undergo immediate chemotherapy and radiation even though the primary location had not been identified.  Sobering.

Yet, it’s the dark depressing moments like this one that are always reminding me that our time on this Earth is finite, and Lord willing, it’s up to us to squeeze the most positive moments out of that time.

So, let this be another reminder.  Sign up for that race.  Book that trip.  See that friend.  Call that person.  Wake up for that workout (it might be your last).  Hit that interval.  Apologize.  Forgive.  DNFed?, get back there and finish what you started.

For those of you keeping track at home, Beer #2 is in the fridge, thanks to Mike and Melissa Davis.  (I did find the contents of the fridge very funny in contrast to the beer) Big props to Mike for finishing the Breckenridge 100 mile mountain bike race last weekend in under 13 hours, way to get that small gorilla off your back!!!!

Meredith and I are traveling to Vermont tomorrow for my second 100 mile trail run in 4 weeks, I will take these reminders with me to maximize the Grand Kona Slam experience while simultaneously minimizing the amount of time I spend on course, for there is still a LOT of living to be done.  On Saturday while Greg is undergoing another daily radiation treatment and fighting through a couple hours of occupational and physical therapy, I’ll be doing battle of a less significant kind, yet one where the lessons of perseverance, patience, and faith still apply.  His positive attitude has been nothing short of an inspiration to date, and I’m looking forward to tapping into it somewhere between mile 70 and the finish.  Thanks Greg.

My paternal grandfather (we called him “Poppy”), had a paperweight on his desk that read:

“Some men die at 30.  But aren’t buried until they’re 70.”

 To that I add, “Don’t be one of them.”

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2 Responses to Running for a Friend

  1. Al DiMicco says:

    Thanks Paul for sharing your feelings and reflecting on our brief time around these parts. I will pray for your friend and hope God listens. As far as you’re concerned, I will hope for the best at Vermont, but THAT doesn’t need prayer. Thet’s up to you buddy. Just control the things you can, and the rest will play out as it will. As usual, run and train smart.

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