Bandera 2014

This race report has been brewing and stewing for the better part of 2+ weeks.  I should be over the moon on cloud nine after just turning 40 in December and earning my first masters national title and running a 100km PR, right?  HA, the irony of life!  Howard Jones has sung about it, even Alanis Morissette.  No matter how many times I slice and dice it, rationalize it, strategize it, replay it, etc., the truth of the matter is I went out too fast.  There, I said it.  Precisely, 16 seconds per mile too fast in the first 5 miles, and 23 seconds per mile too fast in the subsequent 5 miles.  That was enough to put me 3 ½ minutes ahead of my intended time with over 50 miles to run, and enough to ensure that I would give ALL of it back and THEN some.  The morning was TOO PERFECT and the running was TOO GOOD early on and I got carried away.  Big-Lesson-Learned.  Jorge Maravilla, David Laney, and Chikara Omine flat-out dominated the course and ran near-perfect races. 2014-01-11 07.25.452014-01-11 07.24.442014-01-11 08.51.27

Huge kudos to David Hanenburg and Endurance Buzz for compiling this sweet pre-race program , post-race recap: , and Bonus Q&A including some play-by-play of how the rest of the day unfolded:

Rick Kent, Craig Mitchell, and the EnduroPhoto team captured some great images:

Thanks also for the mighty Roy Pirrung for his USATF representation, doling out the medals, patches, checks, and his summary:

Joe and Joyce Prusaitis and the whole Tejas Trails crew did an amazing job AGAIN in the Cowboy Capital of the World.  2014-01-11 16.22.00

Want to give a HUGE shout out to the Crownover boys, Micah (age 9) and Noah (age 12) for tackling the 25km race out there and then running me into the finish!2014-01-11 16.22.53

Up next is Sean O’Brien 50km out in California.  After 2 snow/ice storms in Texas, Meredith and I need some west coast time and sunshine.  Then…it’s my turn to be ultra-sherpa at Ultraman Florida, can’t wait to support my wife in her epic journey like she has for me SO many times!!!   Thanks for reading. 2014-01-11 16.23.41

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