End of 2015 Review – Time Flies when you are having fun

Got in a lot of “firsts” after States this year; the plan was to go run and experience terrain/conditions/fatigue in different ways to expand the ole’ comfort zone…

 July 2015: (photos Paul Nelson)


-ate WAY too many Girl Scout cookies, THAT will not happen again!

-tackled the Speedgoat Triple (Vertical Mile/50k/Quadbanger) in Snowbird, UT. Finished 3rd overall behind HOKA teammates Timmy Parr and IronMike Wardian. Not only is Speedgoat Karl an accomplished athlete but a seasoned RD as well.

August 2015: telluride1

-Experienced my first taste of the San Juans at the Telluride Mountain Run, CO. Dakota and Reese keep it simple, the way most trail races used to be!

-Revisited my night running skills at the Capt’n Karl’s 30k at Reveille Peak Ranch, Burnet, TX.   Brad Quinn and his Traverse Running team have us Texans running ALL summer long!


September 2015:

-Almost pulled off The Rut Triple (VK/25k/50k) in Big Sky, MT, but smartly opted for the 11km on day 3 instead of the gnarly 50k. RDs Mike and Mike bring the whole festival, kids run, and even snow up at the top of Lone Peak!   Thanks to Myke Hermsmeyer http://mykehphoto.smugmug.com/ for catching a sweet photo from the 25k that appeared in the November 2015 issue of Competitor Magazine http://issuu.com/competitormagazine/docs/201511 .

-Joined my Rogue Running teammates for another edition of the Zilker Relays Hard to beat 2.5 miles of speedwork at 5:38 pace and a great summertime post-race party on the Zilker Park lawn.

-Revisited the Lighthouse Run for a 10-mile trail run followed by a 55-mile bike ride home with Mer, and some mid-ride snacks.

midride snacks

October 2015:

-Finally experienced a Spectrum Trail Racing event out at one of our favorite places to run McKinney Roughs Nature Park. RD and longtime Pure Austin trainer Mallory Brooks also keeps my ass in shape (and me uninjured when I inevitably hit the dirt) by virtue of her Monday morning class, a staple of my weekly training!

-Served as a volunteer mentor at the Team RWB Trail Running Camp http://trailrunningcamp.org/ Always a gift to be able to give back to a community that is so appreciative and thankful. HUGE shout out of thanks to sponsors and supporters Drymax socks, patagonia, Rogue Running, thinksport, Bonk Breaker, Simple Hydration, Oral IV, TriggerPoint/Implus, and David Fuentes for their product and/or gift card donations to help the weekend “run” smoothly. Be sure to check out the transcript from my “This I Believe” testimony to the campers posted here:

Paul Terranova: “No excuses, do the work. This I believe.” October 2015 No excuses, do the work. This I believe. The consistent theme in my journey to an ultra trail runner has been and continues to be doing the work and not making excuses along the way. As a 7th grader, I didn’t make the school soccer team, but I showed enough hustle to make the basketball team. As an 8th grader, I got cut from the basketball team and instead channeled my energy towards tennis. As a high school doubles tennis player, we won a state title my junior year. And as a collegiate lightweight rower, I never made the first boat but we won a bronze medal in the JV boat my senior year. Doing the work at a young age paid off in the Army with graduation from Airborne, Sapper Leader, and Ranger schools. Not making excuses in the Army paid off in the civilian world as my interests now turned towards marathons and adventure racing. The work invested up to then continued to compound into triathlon, Ironman, and now into ultra trail running.When grinding away in a deep block of training or running through the cold night on trashed quads, my belief in the body of work that I’ve assembled keeps me going.Times when others have given up on their minds and their bodies and are content to lay on the couch all weekend, I strive to be the antithesis of that.And when the weather turns nasty and people start griping about it, my belief in doing the work, in chopping wood and carrying water, gets me out the door. No excuses, do the work. This I believe.


-Featured by Redbull in their Adventure Essentials series http://www.redbull.com/us/en/adventure/stories/1331755382921/adventure-essentials-paul-terranova The end result of the piece left us somewhat “chafed” at it wasn’t EXACTLY what author Whitney Boland and I had in mind…the submitted piece had a lot more content and meaning to it.

-Returned the IronSherpa favor for Meredith at Ironman Cabo San Lucas and got to brush up on my VERY stale conversational Spanish! Made some amazing amigos along the way.


November 2015: Mmtr win

-Defended last year’s win at Mountain Masochist 50 miler while banking some family time with my parents and sister’s family and kids. Weekend trifecta with Meredith’s birthday and a return to the land of Sweet Baby Jesus peanut butter porter! As always, Clark Zealand and his Eco-XSports crew have this race dialed in.

-Honored to be named 2015 USATF Men’s Master Trail Runner of the Year: http://trailrunner.com/trail-news/usatf-mut-council-announces-2015-runners-of-the-year/


December 2015:


– While December started a little surprising, each day brings us closer to a new year and has been filled with many wonderful positives to fill each day.

-The Running Event 2015 Always great to see in-person what is coming down the pipe, witness the Beer Mile World Championships , and take HOKA co-founder Nico Mermoud for a run on one of my favorite trails here in Austin!

-2nd Masters at TNF50 and super-proud of our team for grabbing 2nd place men’s in the inaugural USA Ultra Trail Team Invitational Hopefully, there will be more team events like this in the future!

-Humbled to be named among Olympic Silver Medalist and HOKA teammate Leo Manzano and the indominatable Gilbert Tuhabonye as the best runner in Austin. http://www.austinfitmagazine.com/December-2015/2015-AFM-Best-Of-Awards/

-Excited about the grassroots efforts of http://runcleangetdirty.org/ to promote clean, PED-free MUT running.

-PRed the 2nd annual 12 Workouts of Christmas.



All in all, I’m incredibly blessed and fortunate to be happy, healthy, and in great spirits this Christmas season. Meredith and I are so eager to see what 2016 has to offer up for everyone!!! Mahalo for reading.


“Let us be what we are, and let us be it well.” – St. Francis de Sales

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